Yoga Roundup Take Nine: Dec. 1 – Dec. 7 2013

The Week’s Top Yoga News, According to the People at Tula Software

Give the Gift of Yoga to Vets

Looking for ways to give back this holiday season? Yoga nonprofits are here to help. Both Give Back Yoga and Yoga Warriors are helping veterans suffering from PTSD, depression and other mental health issues brought on from being deployed in war-torn countries like Afghanistan and Iraq. Check out Give Back Yoga and Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans’ campaign to help bring relief to suffering vets. And be sure to contribute before Dec. 31st! 


Social media has no doubt done wonders for the yoga community. Yogis across the globe can share inspirational stories, poses, tips and more. But as we know, social media is addicting, too. Yoga Journal blogger Jessica Abelson navigates the waters of getting sucked into the yoga social media world and tells us of the positive, and the negative.

Hot Mess

If you’ve been paying to attention to yoga news over the past year, you already know Bikram Choudhury, the founder of Bikram (hot) Yoga, has been under scrutiny. Vanity Fair investigates the multiple allegations of rape and sexual harassment against several women following Bikram. Many Bikram studios have already distanced themselves from the founder, but this new article is sure to make the distance even farther.

Wanna Get Away?

Yoga retreats are all the rage these days. Going to an exotic locale, getting to relax, all the while staying up on your yoga practice? Sign us up! Shape Magazine shares some friendly tips to help you find your perfect retreat.

Speaking of Retreats…

Check out this white-water rafting and yoga retreat slated for next June on Utah’s Green River. Anytime you can incorporate yoga and nature sounds good to us!