Yoga Roundup Take Eight: Nov. 17– Nov. 23, 2013

All the Week’s Best Yoga News, According to the People at Tula Software

Celebrity Corner
Yoga is bathing in the celebrity limelight this week, thanks to an X Factor finalist and two The Voice judges. We're seeing a signing competitions and yoga trend here.

From The Voice and Maroon 5, judge and singer Adam Levine was named People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” for the first time. Adam is an avid Yogi and continually credits yoga for his physical, spiritual and mental health.

While Adam was accepting his award, Christina Aguilera was making her Voice contestants practice yoga with her personal instructor as part of their competition routine. “ ‘Today I brought in my yoga instructor, she's helped me so much as a vocalist," she revealed. "For Jacquie, part of the coaching is helping her get more centered in her body.’ ”

And X Factor and One Direction contestant and lead singer Harry Styles’ bad back has recently turned him on to yoga, even though his doctor suggested ballet. We say whatever workout helps you feel best and can also make you happy is probably the best prescription.

While celebrity news doesn’t really matter, we think it’s fun to see people from all walks of life enjoy yoga and its benefits. 

Are Whale Watching Yoga Classes Unethical?
The Vancouver Aquarium has been conducting a program called "Yoga with the Beluga Whales" and while it’s becoming so popular that they originally intended to add more classes, some people are not as enthused as others. The classes have been drawing some protests from Yogis who are against keeping wildlife in captivity. But the Aquarium retorted the whales are treated well and all money from the classes goes to research. With the trend seeming to be on the up rise, this debate is sure to continue for a while.

The Affordable Yoga Act
After hearing of US Senator Ted Cruz’s 21-hour filibuster against the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), yoga instructor Tyler Dendle decided to make an event equally as long, but concerning something she was more passionate about. On Nov. 29th in San Antonio, Dendle and other yoga instructors will hold yoga classes for 21 hours, and all classes will be free. 

The Ever Evolving Yogi, as Told Through Film
As part of the Smithsonian’s “Yoga: The Art of Transformation” exhibit, viewers are given a look into Yogis in the 19th century and how their perception has drastically changed over the coming centuries through film. From magicians, to sorcerers, to “objects of ridicule,” to the present day, this exhibit breaks down how the Western world looked and looks at Yogis. Be sure to check it out before the exhibit closes on January 26th.

Chalk Another One Up for Yoga
In a new study on Alzheimer’s, adults with an age range of 55-90 were divided into two groups, one practiced yoga and meditation regularly, the other group did not. After the 8–week study each patient’s hippocampus was studied and it was found that those who had practiced yoga and meditation had improved brain functionality while those who didn’t did not improve. Meditation and yoga have been always been known for their positive effects on the mind, but to see the facts is always reassuring.