"For your own protection"

Maile and I heard someone mention the other day that MINDBODYrequires new studios to sign a one year contract. This didn’t sound right to me so Maile got in touch with a sales person that she had communicated with over there in the past. Sure enough, they require every new studio to sign a one year contract. Here’s exactly what they wrote:

We do ask for you to commit to a year. The contract is more to protect you. It includes what we guarantee in our services and also will keep the price at the price you sign up for.

I love the whole It’s really to protect you! bit. This of course is nonsense.

This protects MINDBODY and their investors. They could provide new studio owners the same exact protections without requiring them to sign a one year contract – but they don’t.

Nothing displays a companies confidence in their own products more than their contract terms.

We don’t require anyone to sign a contract, and we believe that we’ll retain our customers because we’ve provided a clean, powerful, easy to use system for independent yoga studios to run their businesses.

We wan’t people to keep using us because they love our software, not because they’re contractually obligated to do so.

Apparently MINDBODY isn’t as confident in their product as we are.