Connected but alone

I came across this TED talk via Dan Martell, one of the people I follow on Twitter, and just loved it. There are so many great quotes I couldn’t pick just one to share here. The central them: Technology isn’t just changing what we do and how we act. It’s changing who we are. As a species.

It made me realize one of the things I love about Yoga is that, outside of sleeping, it’s probably the only time I spend 90 uninterrupted minutes completely and totally unplugged.

And the time spent before and after class hanging out with people who have become friends is just as valuable as the yoga itself.

This video is a reminder that what is scarce is valuable, and in an ever more connected world where technology and interruption is all around us, yoga studios are one of the few refuges where we can find solace.

There is extreme value in that. If you can find 20 minutes to watch this video, I highly recommend it.